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The Spring Hills Homeschool Group is a ministry of Spring Hills Baptist Church in Granville, Ohio.  Our goal is to provide support and connection for families educating some or all of their children at home, regardless of educational style or religious affiliation. The Spring Hills Homeschool Group offers information and resource sharing through the SHHS website, a Yahoo Group and secret Facebook page, event planning support, a mentoring program, and:
■   Annual Fall Kickoff event ■   Annual Curriculum Sale ■   Annual End of the Year Celebration Event  ■   Annual Curriculum SHARE event ■  Monthly Mom’s & Muffins  morning get-together  ■  Student Team signature events as well as parent led events  ■  Teen Team signature events as well as parent led events  ■  Monthly Family Service projects  ■  Monthly Motivators – invited speakers, specific topics and more...

We want you to connect with other homeschooling families, taking advantage of the collective resources we represent; grow in your confidence and ability to thrive in your homeschooling journey; and serve one another, sharing your gifts and abilities to bless as you have received.


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