Past Missions


Listen to the stories of past mission trips and see the faces at work in God’s kingdom around the world.  We can accomplish great things through the power of Christ in us! 

July 18, 2012

Greetings in Christ Beloved SHBC & Family Partners!!

The above picture portrays but a small portion of our time last week in the Cuernavaca, Mexico Community. Here, we are preparing to ascend the mountain to ancient Indian Ceremonial Ruins [ note arrow], where pagan Gods were worshipped and human lives were sacrificed. Yet, the HONOR was completely ours to re-claim the land and structures by openly holding a Christian Worship Service and Prayer Vigil once summited!!  PTL!! J

God was certainly ever-present throughout our 10 day encounter, which also included: community prayer walking, door to door evangelism, hospital evangelism, children’s outreach in an Orphanage, ministry within a Battered/Mentally Challenged Women’s Center, ministry in Two Separate Men’s Alcohol/Drug Rehab Centers and continual team modeling/partnering with a local Spirit-Filled Charismatic Congregation: Ministry of Power, and our BELOVED friends/SHBC Mission Partners: The Andrew and Sheryl Conrad Family!!

Words alone could never suffice to say how truly grateful we were to represent the American Fellowship of Believers in BOTH:

  • sharing Christ’s Gospel Message of Hope, Love and Redemption to the Lost and Hurting, and
  • enriching local Followers of Christ through our partnership in Prayer, Preaching and Proclaiming our Allegiance in Christ and His Word!!

Thanks again for your PRAYERS, Financial contribution and abundant LOVE!! J J

May these most precious and dearly beloved peoples - remain buried in your prayers for yet years and years to come!!


For the followers of Christ in MEXICO
Pray the believers among the Cuernavaca Community clothe themselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

For the entire MEXICAN People Group
Pray that each individual in and throughout Cuernavaca may soon hear the Gospel message in an understandable and acceptable form. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare each heart to understand and to receive the gift of life found in Jesus Christ.


For the Team, most humbly until all have heard the story,

Hannah Kirkpatrick & Pastor Gary  [daddy J] <”{{><


Cuernavaca Orphanage

"Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who alone works wonders. And blessed be His glorious name forever; And may the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen."

Psalm 72:18-19


High School Florida Retreat March 27- April 1 

We thank the Lord for another great year in Panama City with our High School Student Ministry.  There were 3 salvations experiences and many students who re-dedicated their lives to Christ.  Our pastors who attended had the privilege of baptizing 6 students in the Gulf of Mexico.  What an experience!  Brad and Paula Pilkington led worship and many youth leaders took vacation time to prepare food and join us in our beach ministry.

Most recently three ladies from SHBC joined Vinyard Church Fellowship for a missions trip to Honduras.  Read the testimonials of Donna Haas, Cris Miller and Cher Fouty and click here for a look into their amazing journey.

Jordan Mission Trip October 15-31  

The SHBC Mission Team is pleased to provide their support toward The Jordan Mission.  A team of nine will be traveling to the country of Jordan in October. The three participants from SHBC are Sid Fouty, Freida Ruscak and Marge Brubaker.  The Jordan Mission will come along-side local Christ-followers who minister to broken, abused and abandoned Arab men and women without known hope or choices.  Please pray for boldness, safety, health and stamina as the Lord prepares hearts for the salvation and healing of those they meet.

October 17- We have arrived safely and are enjoying the hospitality of the wonderful people here in Jordan.Living to serve Jesus,Sid

We have arrived in Jerusalem.  Next 4 days look to be jammed pack.  Not much different from rest of the trip.  We are getting a bit tired and not getting much sleep.  Pray for clear minds and extra dose of energy.

October 21-We have been so touched by the kindness of the people of Jordan.  Thanks for all of your thoughts and continue in your Armor support. Living to serve Jesus, Sid  

October 21- God is amazing and the work He is doing here among His people is astounding! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, He is answering. Looking forward to sharing with all at home the dynamic news we've been hearing about and seeing lives changed in the midst of a great dark land. Rejoice! Freida

October 23- We arrived in Israel today.  Beautiful Land.  Good name.  The Armor is working keep up the good work.  Thank you to you all and for your responses.  Good to hear word from home.  Don't get a chance to get to phone or computer much.  We love you all. Living to serve Jesus, Sid