Values & Beliefs

Printable SHBC Overview (pdf)

We Believe:
  • God is our Creator and our Father.
  • He loves and cares for all people of all nations and groups. He has called all of us to come to His Son Jesus Christ and to believe in Him and follow Him.
  • Through Jesus Christ we receive the Holy Spirit who lives in us and gives us the strength and power to live a new life.
  • The Bible is God’s inspired word written for all people that they may know God and His purpose and plan for their life.
  • The Bible teaches us, corrects us and instructs us in daily living and conduct.  (II Timothy 3: 16-17)
  • God gives eternal life to all who receive Jesus Christ into their life.
  • Our church is a family of believers who is called together to praise and worship our Lord and to teach God’s message and love.
  • We are to help the poor and minister to those who are hurt, oppressed and searching.
  • We are to help many become new Christians, train them to be more like Christ and live for Christ.


Our Values:

Kingdom Focused: We will determine and judge what we do based on what is best for the Kingdom of God, not the individual member, ministry, or even the local body. At every level, we will put our personal desires aside and do what advances and extends the Kingdom of God.

Spirit Formed: Our lives and character will reflect both the character of the Holy Spirit and the leading of the Holy Spirit. At all times we will remain open to His divine leading and show a willingness to change and adapt as the Holy Spirit leads.

Every Member Ministry: Seeing that it is God who places gifts within the body for the purposes of carrying on the work of the Kingdom, all that we do must reflect good stewardship of the resources God has provided. As such, we will place a high priority on utilizing and nurturing the gifts of people within our body.

Teamwork: As we go about the daily work of the Kingdom, our attitudes, words, and actions will reflect the priority of unity within our church and the good of the body over and above what would be best for us as individuals. All efforts will be toward moving together rather than advancing personal agendas.

Excellence: Our entire ministry will be carried out as though someone’s eternity depended on how it is done. As we engage in ministry, we will go the extra mile in making sure it is done with the highest level of excellence at every level of our organization and with every age group.

Biblical Authority: The sole basis and final authority in all matters of faith and practice is the Bible. We recognize that the power of any ministry comes from the Holy Spirit as we submit ourselves to God’s Word, committing ourselves to its teaching and yielding our lives to become what God desires us to become.

Transforming Worship: We will be committed to extravagantly and passionately expressing our love for God because He is worthy of our best and highest! Our prayer and desire is that God’s presence be experienced and lives changed in the process.

The Next Generation: As we celebrate God’s gift of family, we are dedicated to a ministry that prepares our children and their parents for their life with Him. We will seek to provide an atmosphere that is spiritually enriching, safe, and secure at every stage of development.