Celebrate Recovery


I recently explained what Celebrate Recovery was to an inquirer mentioning that it would help someone struggling with any kind of hurt, habit or hang-up.  This inquirer responded, “Well I guess I am greatly under qualified for that ministry.” His answer sort of surprised me but then again it did not. I have heard variations of the sentiment that underlies that response all of which basically say, “I am glad there is such a ministry for those who really need it!”

None of us has it all together. We all struggle. Our struggles vary. Some struggles may land us in jail. Some may lead to a divorce or being fired. Some are secret sins that, at least for now, no one else knows about.

Believers in Christ are not exempt from the range of struggles that confront humanity. Believers are the ones who ought to be leading the way in terms of overcoming the struggles that plague mankind. There ought to be ministries that assist believers to admit and overcome the hurts, habits and hang-ups of life. Fortunately there are and Celebrate Recovery is one of those places.

Men and women are finding the help they need each week at Celebrate Recovery. No matter what the hurt, habit or hang-up men and women are finding true healing and freedom through this Christ centered recovery program. Over the years of coordinating this ministry I have witnessed God’s healing, freeing grace come to those struggling with depression, anger issues, the aftermath of abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), anxiety disorders, sexual addictions, gambling along with alcohol and chemical addictions and a host of other “issues” of which there are too many to list.

We all struggle. God transforms lives. Celebrate Recovery, Tuesdays at 7 pm

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For current calendar information, click here.  For more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Pastor Jeff Houghton at 740.587.1200 or via email.