How Can I Launch A New Group?

  1. A Small Group Requires People!
    • Make a list of 3 to 8 people that you know who have mentioned wanting to get involved in a group or who you think would be interested in getting involved in a group.
    • Be creative…think of people you have served with at Spring Hills…people you see every weekend at service…people in your town who attend Spring Hills…people who you know that have an interest in knowing Jesus intimately…people from your neighborhood…people from where you work.
    • A Small Group requires meeting together!
      • Contact the people you have identified and ask them to join you for Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch for 8 or 4 or 6  (you get the picture).
      • You provide the food…it doesn't have to be elaborate!
      • A relaxed evening where everyone can get to know one another is the starting point for building community.
      • Provide a few "ice breaker" exercises- they are almost always fun!
    • A Small Group requires commitment!
      • At the end of the evening, ask the group if they would like to meet again in another 2 weeks.
      • Share with the group that you would like to have a time of Bible exploration and prayer at the next meeting. Our Small Group Lending Library contains many valuable resources.
      • You may have to host the next evening again…or others may offer to help you. Don't miss an opportunity to involve everyone in being responsible for the group. You may want to consider sharing the responsibilities for the next evening.
      • At the second meeting ask for an initial commitment of 4, 6, or 8 weeks (depending on the length of the study you have selected). At the end of that study ask the group if they would like to stay together as a small group.
    • A Small Group requires being connected!

    The following support is available for you:

    1. Connecting with others –Pastor Tom Pound, Small Groups Pastor, receives requests weekly from people wanting to get involved in a Small Group. You can contact him if you would like to discuss contacting some of those people.
    2. Ice breaker exercises - There is an abundance of websites on the internet with suggestions for ice breakers. If you don't have access to the internet, we would love to assist you in finding some great ice breakers. Click here for a good ice breaker resource.

    Reminder: Not all ice breakers found on the internet reflect Christian values. Please make sure to choose or adapt ice breakers that reflect our Christian values.

    1. If preparing dinner isn't something that you feel you can do….look under "c" or "p" in your yellow pages….you'll find a wide variety of Chinese and pizza restaurants that will deliver to your door!
    2. Small Group Lending Library – we have many practical small group studies available for you to use. Contact Pastor Jeff Houghton.

    If you are interested in launching a small group, fill out an inquiry form.